Monday, December 18, 1995

Monday, 18 December, 1995

The key in motion, heedless. The continued corruption of the great cities, as if the rich were leaving. The gold sheep hanging in the nineteenth century. The celebrities of the day resonate together, wait for some signal, then hurry on their separate ways. Objects become companions. Sleep, drugs and amorous rapture. On the boulevards vague masses reassured like garlands of fire by the caresses they hasten to bestow: the vain terrors of religion and law, to which we so foolishly attach in order to fly to new crimes. The palace, carrying sparks. The turning point is reckoned: stupefaction has passed the middle classes' natural frontiers with wild gestures, the supremacy of present circumstances smashed out of the bottoms of broken bottles. Dull-witted, it begins giving way here and there with great courtesy (a miserable survival from that epoch), swarming around at random, away immediately and rushing, distracted by lying whispers, and disappears.

A reversion to the subject in that departure.

Stammer language, be a foreigner in any old mirror. Enunciation and the subject. Invented, namely: being slave, being foreign. The mere mention (because it is an idea) a detestation recommended to the patriots, prevents them from arriving at greatness abandoned. Which is a misfortune infinitely useful to the general scheme, the erection of a wretched chimera.

Arms in a triumphant gesture.

The slightest desire a harsh light, falling. For one cold-blooded instant an unfamiliar road (deception permitted) to lead us out of the forest of religious horror.

The instant of awakening is hideous, immolated, the very vortex of delight native to the species upon the least provocation, a kind of torture. Every kindness inflamed in order to plunge, caressed, envied, menaced, beaten from a false premise. Obscure mutterings, an unpardonable lapse of intelligence in this appalling heap of fables. The unhappy passion purely hallucinatory conformation of a bipedal individual. Simply a perpetual consequence of crimes with her blood-stained fingers. To perish inside the infallible, atrocious soul of the monster.

My unthinking heart dares yet, with despair inseparable from the metallic or musical echo, writing, writing now, or words to that effect.

Suspicions take shape, their cruel manner sating the hungers of an infinitely populous human language, corroding features now to shrieks and frenzies, a contemporary lyricism that a clumsy society has stifled without deviation. Wounded or changed by our attention, desire belongs here with us, all its verbiage whose only link, rejection, is immediately resumed.

battered, greasy, filthy, recognized

modern machinery is suddenly disturbed, afraid of the next day's work or diminish

becomes secret to avoid these dangers

yet has nothing

then again the meal expected: shops balconies and the sky

an interruption comes on stage and in doing this the real difference of form will reveal itself, brought about by the intervention as purposeless as it is absurd, becomes interminable, vanishes immediately, has therefore no limits. develops an insatiable hunger for boots, eggs, calico, and then again the meal expected: shops balconies and the sky.