Friday, December 15, 1995

Friday, 15 December, 1995

Shadowy presence in the room undressing, blood in your mouth, the goya-face. The scissors of dead women. Defiance. The death of Aase. Your hand as a complicit agent. Your hand inactive, switched off. Tool to be used or not. You are constantly asked 'how do you feel about this.'

Your body becomes a torn landscape. Back to narrative and intrigues. Photo of a policeman near a woman in a mirror in a bathroom. This means it's real and the ambiguity lies in the role of the camera. It was real the first time. The sheer quantity of depictions of violence. Now sex and explosions. Sounds of traffic or wind. Two young women sing "I see your face before me." Two young women. Stop-motion. They turn to each other. "Desire." Arching for the kiss.

Doesn't matter. You are looking elsewhere for the secrets of ethics and home.