Wednesday, January 31, 1996

January 31

To rest, to gather our food without a word. The identity of two distinct movements becomes surface for social contact. Our coarse leather skins in close proximity. Choked in it. Everything gone off. Into the warehouse, then the warehouse like pillars. Would have been forced anyway, welcome enough, it dissipates, so natural to those who know nothing.

The thermometer every two hours. Probability oddly anticipated, asking riddles as if there existed a law, every day the sirens like blocks of ice, the precision balance, the mild air with brutal violence, enjoyed as intensely as possible and at once. All the arguments of it in a different light, numerically small and politically irrelevant. It goes without saying. Different pictures stuck on different packages. Uninterrupted in the novel silence, that look of helplessness and uncertainty as to how to behave. Licking soup from bowls of snow.

To die from wounds. To carry sleepers, break stones, dig earth. To feel ourselves lying next to women. Brusquely because the emotions.

Little girls sing in laboratories all over the world. Gone by so quickly it is night again and it is snowing. A litany of portentious obscenities: gas, naphtha, vacuum, etc. Apparently extraneous orders of ideas, glittering many-coloured objects on the frozen snow. At the expense of all others.

Sabotage. Attempts to escape.

Dust and ash still rising, still rising from the chimneys, ridiculous snow drifting down around us like a halo. Abject flock.

The band began playing again. Which has broken us.